Bogus Co-ops to be flashed out


Bogus Co-ops to be flashed out

By Tariro Guwira


Ministry of small and medium enterprises (SME’S) and Transparency International in Zimbabwe has launched a survey to sweep out bogus housing cooperatives that have duped desperate and innocent people their money.

Speaking at a stakeholders meeting last week Mutare District Co-operatives Development officer in the ministry of small and medium enterprises Mr Zvaitwandiye Mawoyo said that they have come up with a project to make a database of cooperatives in Mutare in conjunction with TIZ.

“As a ministry through this database we will be able to correct and realign the main objective of co-operatives, to improve our old database since we have an old list.

The primary function of this survey is to monitor progress and at the same time sweep out bogus co-operatives that have been duping people,” said Mawoyo.

He added that a lot of people have been abused in the name of housing co-operatives.

“A lot of people are desperate and gaps have been created.

This survey will help before a lot of people are fleeced their money,” he said.

Mutare Municipality, Acting housing officer Mr. Temba Sithole said the city council has worked well with a number of co-operatives and has had problems with Gimboki And federation.

“Natview Park has 1114 serviced stands and we are glad to say that it was a well done project .it was well above order.

Gimboki and federation problems have been emanating and as it is now there has been a hidden hand co-operative that has been fleecing people of their hard earned money,” said Sithole.

He cited that participatory monitoring and supervision is the key to avoid incidences of people being duped.

“Land primarily is given by City Council and lack of information is also making people vulnerable to these hidden hand co-operatives,” said Sithole.

Mutare District Union (MDU) administrator, Mr .Carryon Chikwinya said 62 co-operatives are registered through their union of which all are registered and received training.

“ With a total of 62 housing cooperatives 32 of them are handling Gimboki .

1114 stands were serviced in Natview park and almost  three quarters of the people in that area are building  main houses and electrification and road networks are being set up ,”SAID Chikwinya .

He added that Gimboki operations should be used as a case study for the future.

“With this survey we will be able to know the problems surrounding housing co-operatives since with Gimboki operations were hard and are difficult to deal with,” he said.

Chikwinya cited that the popping up of the Urban Development Corporation (UDCORP) said problems have been emanating from all angles continuously.

“People are being misinformed and it is so sad because people nolonger listen to the union and have been shunning meetings which has made it difficult to address their problems head on,”he said.

He added that “A multisector approach is needed in addressing all the problems with co-operatives,”.