Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission Publicity and Public Awareness Campaign

Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission Publicity and Public Awareness Campaign

Transparency International Zimbabwe (TI Z) joins the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) in launching its “You and I Against Corruption” Publicity and Public Awareness Campaign. The campaign coincides with the urgent need to address petty and grand corruption practices that have threatened the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio and Economic Transformation (ZIMASSET). Preliminary findings of TI Z’s report on corruption and culture reveal that it has become apparent that the levels of bribery, abuse of power and secret dealings in Zimbabwe are still very high. This has resultantly contributed to the lack of rule of law, poverty and an economic crisis. Therefore, the launch of this anti-corruption campaign is highly commendable and not only indicates the political will to address corruption in Zimbabwe by public leaders but also increases public confidence in public enforcement and compliance institutions.

Through the ZACC publicity and public awareness campaign, it is envisaged that the government should take a tougher stance against the abuse of power for private gain in the country’s public sector. Through its various law enforcement and compliance institutions, the government should also promote transparency and accountability in political financing, public spending and contracting. It is advised that the government should be more transparent and make public bodies more accountable to the Zimbabwean people. The TI Z’s Corruption Perceptions Index 2012 results demonstrate that societies continue to pay the high cost of corruption; therefore, TI Z recommends that the government needs to integrate anti-corruption actions into all public decision-making processes.

As the nation prepares for the 2018 harmonized elections, TI Z also encourages the government to promote and observe principles of electoral integrity and facilitate the building of a corruption free public sector. Electoral Integrity refers to an election that is based on the democratic principles of universal suffrage and political equality as reflected in international standards and agreements, and is professional, impartial, and transparent in its preparation and administration throughout the electoral cycle. Without electoral integrity, leaders and officials lack accountability to the public, confidence in the election results is weak, and the government lacks necessary legitimacy. Therefore, we endeavor to support ZACC’s efforts in securing a future for the nature through promoting transparency, accountability and integrity prior, during and post the 2018 harmonised elections.

We would also like to highlight the importance of involving all the stakeholders in the anti-corruption value chain in the fight against corruption. Therefore, we call on the government, NGO’s and the United Nations representative bodies to capitalize on this energy and develop and fund national action plans designed to respond to this crisis, as well as invest in ways for youths and other stakeholders to report corruption. TI Z believes effective citizenship engagement in the fight against corruption is paramount and the publicity and awareness campaign by ZACC contributes in encouraging people to reject, resist and report all forms of corruption in Zimbabwe.

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